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AmoCafé® is one of the leading coffee brands with a new coffee concept.  Our business model reflects our high standards of quality control.  Our business philosophy is rooted in our ethical values which we apply to our valuable customers, franchises, and products.



AmoCafé® coffee comes directly from Columbia.  The farms are associated with "Procafes" which invests all of its benefits in improving the lives of the member families through several programs covering all essential aspects such as health, education and social protection.

AmoCafé® is a special coffee concept, created by Nasrin Hashemy.  

Nasrin is the sole proprietor of AmoCafé®  based in Mooresville NC, with a franchise in Kuwait.

 Written permission is required to use the AmoCafé® and logo are trademark.  

Our official website is

You can find us on

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Provide an authentic 100% Colombian single origin state Arabica coffee to our community.   Our effort and dedication: Always maintain that  special taste, with our slogan

“From our crop to your cup.”


From the High mountains of Columbia


100% Colombian arabica coffee


Our Farm

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